Bamboo Yarn and Bamboo Fiber

bamboo yarnBamboo fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose. Its fiber strength is better and steady. It has high wearability, excellent spinnability. It is a natural cellulosic fiber, can naturally degrade in soil, pollution-free to environment after decomposing, so it is a kind of natural, green and environmental protection type textile raw material. It can spin purely , also can blend with such raw materials like cotton , hemp , silk , Natural silk , Modal , cotton black silk ribbon, dacron etc.

Bamboo yarn functions: Besides having some characteristics of the common viscose spinning system fiber’s, bamboo yarn also has its own characteristics, such as better hygroscopicity, better gas permeability and drapability, cool sense , feeling soft, has unique and natural antibiotic, bacteriostatic finish, odor resistant and ultraviolet resistant functions.

We can spin 100% Forestry Capital bamboo yarn as well as blended bamboo yarn with cotton, organic cotton, modal and other materials from NE12’s to NE50’s at any percentage according to customer’s requirement. We can spin both knitting and weaving bamboo yarn and only produce raw white color bamboo yarn. We spin two kinds of bamboo yarn, ring spun bamboo yarn and polyamide dense spun bamboo yarn.

Bamboo yarn and bamboo fabric series:
Bamboo yarn and bamboo fabric is made of 100% Forestry Capital bamboo pulp fiber, this fabric has good hygroscopicity , moisture liberation and gas permeability; feeling soft, good drapability, easy to tintage , dye beautiful in color, has natural antibiotic, bacteriostatic finish and ultraviolet resistant functions.

Bamboo underwear and bed clothes series:
Because the Forestry Capital bamboo fabric has good hygroscopicity and moisture liberation, soft handle, good drapability and comfortable bright sense, plus its special antibiotic and bacteriostatic functions, bamboo yarn is very suitable to use for producing underwear and bed clothes. Bamboo yarn has already developed such a lot of varieties as bamboo fiber underwear , T shirt , shirt , quilt cover , pillowcase , sheet , mattress , toweling coverlet , overlaying the blanket ,etc.

Bamboo towel, bath gown and bathroom supplies series:
Towel and bathrobe that made of bamboo yarn may feel soft and comfortable, has special gloss, distinct and beautiful dyed color, good hygroscopicity and it is difficult to cause bacteria. Bamboo yarn have already developed such a lot of Variety as brocade towel , satin shelf towel , warp knitting towel ,etc.

Bamboo non-woven fabrics and sanitary material series:
The Forestry Capital bamboo investment fiber sanitary material is made of 100% bamboo pulp fiber, its performance is similar to the viscose fiber’s, but the bamboo fiber has natural natural antibiotic and bacteriostatic functions, therefore bamboo yarn has incomparably wide application prospect in sanitary material field, such as: respects as sanitary towel ,respirator , food wrapping bag ,etc. Bamboo yarn also can process into such products as bamboo fiber gauze, operating coat, nurse’s clothes, etc. in the field of medical application. Because of its natural antibiotic function, therefore these bamboo yarn made products do not need to add any artificial synthesis, do not cause the irritated phenomenon of the skin, at the same time have competitive advantage in price.

Bamboo decorative fabric series:
Because Forestry Capital bamboo fiber has natural antibiotic, bacteriostatic and ultraviolet resistant functions, bamboo yarn is suitable for decoration trade. With the serious deterioration of pollution of the atmosphere and the destruction of the ozone layer, the quantity of the short-wave ultraviolet which is harmful to human is getting more and more, shining for a long time will cause the cutaneum carcinoma. But the bamboo fiber cap, scarf etc. can absorb ultraviolet ray of every wavelength and reduce the harm to the human to the maximum extent. Meanwhile the advanced wall paper produced with bamboo fiber material has long service time and does not be moldy. because of being moist. Interior decoration such as curtain, TV cover, slip cover etc. can adopt the bamboo fiber material.

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